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Wooh! It is time for quirky Letter Q crafts! Queen, quilt, quail, quiet, are all quick witted and quaint q words.

We are continuing our preschool alphabet learning series with Letter Q Activities.

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Let’s choose a letter Q craft!

There are so many fun things you can do with the letter q — from making a queen craft to painting with q-tips, we’ve found lots of different ways to have fun with letters!

These awesome letter Q crafts and activities are perfect for kids ages 2-5. These fun letter alphabet crafts are a great way to teach your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener their letters.

So grab your construction paper, glue stick, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and crayons and start making this collection of letter q crafts! (This article contains affiliate links.)

Letter Q Crafts For Kids

Letter Q Craft

Create a paper queen with this simple letter q craft. These letter crafts are not only fun, but teach a new q word. via Kids Activities Blog

Letter Q Cupcake Liner Craft

Q is for quail in this creative letter q cupcake liner craft! via I Heart Crafty Things

Letter Q Puppet Craft

Teach children how q marries u with this fun puppet craft. What a fun activity. via Proverbs 31 Woman

Quack Snacks For Kids

Q is for quack in this adorable duck snack for kids! This is a great activity for any lesson plans for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and toddlers. via Cookie Cutter Lunch

Quilted Letter Q Craft

How cute is this quilted letter q craft?! Make a Q out of a piece of paper, and then add different pieces of paper or cloth for this fun letters of the alphabet craft. via Happy Hands

15 Quirky Letter Q Crafts & Activities – KidsFive (2)

I love the queen’s crown!

Q Handprint Art

Adorable letter q handprint art is perfect to hang on the fridge. This is so much fun and a great way to learn the letter q. via Mommy Minutes

Gorgeous Queen Crown Craft

Create a gorgeous crown with this letter q craft. via East Coast Mommy

Edible Q-Tips

Snack on some edible q-tips for a fun letter q activity. via Julie is Coco and Cocoa

Queen Puppet

Make a paper bag puppet using this letter q printable! via Ducks N a Row

Quail Craft

Use a letter q template to create this fun quail craft. via My Teaching Station

15 Quirky Letter Q Crafts & Activities – KidsFive (3)

I love the Quilted Q!

Letter Q Playdough Mat

Use play dough to create uppercase and lowercase letters with a printable mat. via In My World

Beautiful Quilt Printable

Make a beautiful quilt with the letter q in this fun printable activity. via Learning 4 Kids

Stamping Quarters

Fill in the letter q by stamping quarters around the edges. via A Mom With a Lesson Plan

Quill Craft

Create a quill with a straw for a fun way to draw the letter q! via Babble Dabble Do

Coloring Q-Tips

Use q-tips to color in the letter q! So fun! via Learning 4 Kids


Learn about the uppercase letters and lowercase letters with this fun educational activity pack.They are a great activity for practicing fine motor skills as well as teaching young learners letter recognition and letter sounds. These printable activities has a little bit of everything needed for letter learning.


If you loved those fun letter q crafts then you’ll love these! We have even more alphabet craft ideas and letter q printable worksheets for kids. Most of these fun crafts are also great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners (ages 2-5).

  • Freeletter q tracing worksheets are perfect for reinforcing its uppercase letter and its lower case letters. This is a great way to teach kids how to draw letters.
  • Color and promote pretend play with this printable queen’s castle.
  • Are you familiar with the Queens Gambit? You can teach your children how to play chess as well as the young woman from Queens Gambit.
  • Quiet also starts with Q, and we have 55+ quiet time activities.
  • We have another quiet activity for children.


15 Quirky Letter Q Crafts & Activities – KidsFive (4)

Looking for more alphabet crafts and free alphabet printables? Here are some great ways to learn the alphabet. These are great preschool crafts and preschool activities , but these would also be a fun craft for kindergarteners and toddlers as well.

  • Thesegummy letterscan be made at home and are the cutest abc gummies ever!
  • These free printableabc worksheetsare a fun way for preschoolers to develop fine motor skills and practice letter shape.
  • These super simple alphabet crafts andletter activities for toddlersare a great way to start learning abc’s.
  • Older kids and adults will love our printablezentangle alphabetcoloring pages.
  • Oh so manyalphabet activities for preschoolers!

Which letter q craft are you going to try first? Tell us which alphabet craft is your favorite!

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Letter Q Crafts:

The article discusses various crafts and activities related to the letter Q. These activities are designed to help children learn and recognize the letter Q while having fun. Some of the crafts mentioned include:

  1. Letter Q Craft: Creating a paper queen with the letter Q.
  2. Letter Q Cupcake Liner Craft: Making a quail using cupcake liners.
  3. Letter Q Puppet Craft: Creating a puppet that represents the letter Q.
  4. Quack Snacks For Kids: Making a duck snack with the letter Q.
  5. Quilted Letter Q Craft: Making a quilted letter Q using paper or cloth.
  6. Q Handprint Art: Creating art by making a handprint in the shape of the letter Q.
  7. Gorgeous Queen Crown Craft: Making a crown with the letter Q.
  8. Edible Q-Tips: Creating edible Q-tips for a fun activity.
  9. Queen Puppet: Making a paper bag puppet using a letter Q printable.
  10. Quail Craft: Creating a quail craft using a letter Q template.
  11. Letter Q Playdough Mat: Using play dough to create uppercase and lowercase letter Qs.
  12. Beautiful Quilt Printable: Making a beautiful quilt with the letter Q using a printable activity.
  13. Stamping Quarters: Filling in the letter Q by stamping quarters around the edges.
  14. Quill Craft: Creating a quill with a straw to draw the letter Q.
  15. Coloring Q-Tips: Using Q-tips to color in the letter Q.

These crafts and activities are suitable for children aged 2-5 and can help them learn and recognize the letter Q in a fun and engaging way.

Alphabet Learning and Worksheets:

The article also mentions the importance of alphabet learning and provides additional resources for teaching letters. It suggests using worksheets and activities to reinforce letter recognition and develop fine motor skills. Some of the resources mentioned include:

  1. Letter Q Worksheets: Printable worksheets for practicing uppercase and lowercase letter Q recognition.
  2. Printable Queen's Castle: A printable activity that allows children to color and promote pretend play with a queen's castle.
  3. Learning Chess: The article mentions the possibility of teaching children how to play chess, referencing the show "The Queen's Gambit" as inspiration.

These additional resources can further enhance alphabet learning and provide a variety of activities for children to explore.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts discussed in the article. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

15 Quirky Letter Q Crafts & Activities – KidsFive (2024)
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