41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (2024)


Love crafting and making cool DIY, but find you never have enough time to make something cool? We found some awesome DIY projects that are super easy to make, but really lovely, too. Never fear another crafting fail where you waste so much money on a project that does not turn out right. Make one of these tried and true ideas for a cool last minute gift or instant home decor update. Complete with easy to follow step by step tutorials, these no-fail crafts are sure to please everyone and with the holidays are coming up faster than I thought they would, and my budget does not always accommodate all the people I need to give gifts to. By the time Christmas gets closer, I find myself needing to get creating with quick, easy and cheap DIY gift ideas. I probably end up making at least 20 things every year the week before Christmas, so many that my friends call me the Craft Queen. Should be last Minute Gift Queen, though. I have a secret stash of DIY ideas that I use as my go to when it comes to cute DIY gifts on a budget, 50 of them. This year, I decided to share it with all you guys so you can also share the gift-giving love.


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (1)

1. Citrus Fruit Serving Trays


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (2)

Cute DIY home decor does not have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. These easy fruit serving trays prove that. Make a set of these in less than an hour and invite some friends over of a picnic on the patio. Better yet, invite them over to help make these. I think this is an adorable group craft project, one adults and even teens will love. One of my favorite easy DIYs, these colorful do it yourself trays belong in your kitchen. When it comes to easy DIY projects that are that are fun to make, unique and perfect for holiday gift giving ideas, these darling DIY serving trays are a winning idea.

2. Paper Chinese Money Plant DIY


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (3)

Looking for a simple craft to go with you modern minimalist decor? No matter what your decor, this cool DIY plants will look great in your home. An easy DIY project that even beginners can pull of, this is not your ordinary craft. Colorful and green, people always compliment mine, and it only took an hour to make. If you are looking for easy DIY projects to make for holiday gifts, these special handmade paper plants are a super choice.

3. Easy DIY Project – Homemade Whiteboards


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (4)

Love easy crafts that also help you get organized? Then this DIY memo menu board is for you. With wipe off glass for writing in this week’s menu, my kids love that I made this for our kitchen. Take your meal planning up a notch and let everyone know what you are serving for dinner. Here’s your weekend project idea that is creative, fun to make and super easy. What more could you ask for in a DIY craft?
See all of these easy DIY ideas in one place, then visit the links to our favorite DIY blogs for full instructions and how to.

4. Easy DIY Jewelry Display Earrings


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (5)

Learn how to make a jewelry organizer with this super easy DIY project idea. One of the best DIYs I’ve made this year, you get to add a touch of color and cute decor to your room while adding a super functional DIY jewlery organizer for earrings. I think this is one of the best DIY projects for organizing jewelry and it looks great, too.

5. Faux Granite Coasters


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (6)

Love giving little home decor items that make people think of you every time they use them? You need not spend a ton of money on DIY gifts that get remembered. Make this cool artsy craft idea for holiday gifts and impress your friends and family who get to open them. When it comes to fun easy DIYs, it does not get much better than this. Have fun with this do it yourself arts and craft idea while making a cool handmade gift that people are sure to appreciate.

6. DIY Quick Easy Homey Vases


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (7)

Who else is guilty of hanging onto old jars? I know I certainly am, I just LOVE all the different styles of jars available! Small ones, big ones, shapely ones….. All interesting in their own unique way. One way you can turn them into quick easy homey vases. Jars are perfect for all sorts of crafty things. From painting the lids and using them to store your crafty items or simply paint them to make a collection of sweet Homey Vases. I love this tutorial because you can paint them with the trendy, shabby chic chalk paint and stencil your own personal message on them. They are so darling and homey! This DIY project idea is pretty DIY farmhouse decor at its best.

7. DIY Photo Wall Hanging


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (8)

I have so many old photos from my family’s past but I never print my photos these days. As much as I love taking photos, I rarely go beyond having them exist anywhere other than on my phone. So recently I had some printed out and for all that effort I put into snapping shots of my favorite places, things that inspire me, and moments I loved, it’s nice to have little mementos to actually look at in real life. So I saw this really simple DIY photo wall hanging DIY on Pinterest and it accented the wall in a cool and modern way, perfect for hanging up inspiration in a workspace or just a casual way to house memories. I just love this project, because it is easy, quick and fun to make, plus really cool to look at.

8. Easy Padded Coin Purse Tutorial


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (9)

My daughter needed a new makeup bag, so I thought I would give her something crafted from my heart. She loves sewing but had kind of got a little disinterested in it. I made this gift as a surprise and it worked. We are making a holiday party dress for the Christmas dance. So glad we will get to experience that together. A fun and easy sewing idea to get excited about!

Easy Crafts and DIYs

9. DIY Floating Flower Wall


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (10)

I have spent a good amount of time decorating for weddings and one detail that always made my heart melt is a beautiful flowered wall. But really, this party trick is fab for any event—and I’m starting to think kind of necessary for every event. Don’t you agree? I would love to thank Pinterest for breaking down the insanely easy DIY for us and the result is the definition of lovely. An easy DIY idea than can quickly transform any room in the house. For a cool DIY project that is sure to get noticed, add this DIY idea for your room to the wall.

10. Easy Pineapple DIY Bookends


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (11)

DIY bookends project is one of the simplest projects EVER. To give you some background, I just bought and painted a used piano for my house, and am working on adding some decorations on top of it. I knew I wanted to display some of our favorite classic books and needed some bookends to hold them in place. We, like everyone else, are obsessed with the pineapple trend right now, so that seemed like the natural choice. So let me tell you how easy this is, go to Michael’s and get two wooden pedestals $1 each, 2 faux pineapples, then glue them down with a hot glue gun. Spray paint them gold and you have got a very impressive DIY project. They look elegant on my grand piano.

11. Quick And Easy DIY Map Magnets


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (12)

12. Recycled Bag From Jeans


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (13)

13. DIY Pom Pom Wall Hang


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (14)

14. Handmade Jewelry Dishes With Copper Touches


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (15)

15. DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (16)

16. Soup Can Flower Vases


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (17)

17. Pom Pom Mouse Pad


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (18)

18. DIY Geometric Paper Wall Art


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (19)

19. Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Felt Craft


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (20)

20. Grocery Bag Holder From A Tote Bag


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (21)

21. Popsicle Stick Bookmarks


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (22)

22. Easy Leaf Printing


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (23)

23. Easy DIY Heating Pad


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (24)

24. DIY Owl Button Craft


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (25)

25. Pumpkin Cage DIY


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (26)

26. Junk Mail Typography Collage Art


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (27)

27. DIY Cork Bulletin Board


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (28)

28. DIY Pocket Tic Tac Toe Game


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (29)

29. Fall Rustic Mason Jars


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (30)

30. Salt Water Etched Bottle


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (31)

31. DIY Black And Gold Globe


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (32)

32. Easy DIY Cat Tent


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (33)

33. Paper Hyacinth Flowers


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (34)

34. Easy Marimo Moss Ball DIY Light Bulb Aquarium


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (35)

35. Sharpie Dot Flower Pot Craft


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (36)

36. DIY Floral Mouse Pad


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (37)

37. Tiny Fruit Garland


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (38)

38. DIY Soda Bottle Kitty Cat Planters


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (39)

39. Cute DIY Tumblers


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (40)

40. DIY Easy Braided Bracelet


41. DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings


41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (41)

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Upcycling and Recycling: Upcycling and recycling refer to the practice of reusing materials or items to create new products with added value. These concepts are often central to eco-friendly and sustainable DIY projects.

Personalization: Personalization involves customizing items to reflect individual preferences, styles, or interests. DIY projects often emphasize the ability to personalize gifts and home decor items.

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41 Easy DIY Projects and Craft Ideas (2024)
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