DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (2024)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so if you're running out of time, these quick and easy DIY Valentine gifts can work for you.

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Easy Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas You Can Make Last-Minute

1. Stenciled T-Shirt

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (1)

Customize plain shirts and give them out to your friends for Valentine's. With this easy DIY stenciled t-shirt step-by-step instructions, you can make and give as many as you want, for sure!

2. Shirts with Hearts


Embellish a basic tee with a heart with these four chic ways to do so. Give them to your squad and maybe, you and your single friends can wear these on V-day for your group date!

3. Ferrero Rocher Bouquet


A bouquet made of Ferrero Rocher chocolate is definitely a sweet surprise for her. Who wouldn't love that as a Valentine's Day gift?

Learn how to make one with this tutorial.

4. Candy Corn Mason Jar Gift


The sweetest or the corniest gift idea? Fill a mason jar to the brim with Valentine candy corn.

Either way, this sugary treat will paint a smile on the face of your loved one.

5. Cat-toe Flats

If you want a unique gift for your best friend, daughter, or sister, these customized flat shoes should be one of the best DIY Valentine gifts for her! Doesn't this cute little thing look puuurr-fect as a Valentine gift?

6. DIY Chalkboard Mug


Imagine how sweet it is to wake up with breakfast in bed and you look at this mug with a sweet love note. Learn how to make this DIY chalkboard mug and whip it up in a heartbeat!

7. LOVE Push Pin Art


You can try other words or images, like both of your initials or a silhouette, for this project. This blingy wall art is quickand easy to do, and just in time for Valentine's!

8. DIY Glitter Candle Votive


Candles will definitely set a romantic mood this Valentine's Day and they're great as gifts, too! This DIY project is so simple to make, click here to find out how.

9. “Guess Hoo Loves You” Valentine Bag & Card


Here's something owl-icious for the love of your life you can make in a few minutes — a DIY Valentine's card and a bag. You can purchase all the materials from the mall but you will need a Cricut and the Hoot ‘n' Holler cartridge, though.

10. Love Letter Mug


Transform a plain mug into a permanent love letter with this DIY Sharpie mug! All you need is a mug and some Sharpies, though you might also have to practice your penmanship to get the best of it.

11. DIY Lipstick Chic Wall Art

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (2)

Grab your favorite lipstick and smooch away to make this super sweet and cute DIY Valentine's gift! It's simply one of the mostromantic homemade gift ideas for boyfriend you can make this Valentine's Day!

12. DIY Etched Love Glass


Jazz up regular glasses with this easy tutorial that's perfect as a gift for Valentine's Day. You can etch a meaningful word, your initials, or anything relevant to your loved one or both of you.

13. DIY Fabric Button Earrings


These DIY fabric button earrings are perfect for your fashionable girlfriends! So why not make a few pairs now in time for Valentine's Day?

14. Our Love Story Frame

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (3)

Grab a frame, print out this printable and you're good to go! You can give it to your friends and family, and you might as well give them this idea to make an easy decor for Valentine's Day to go with the frame.

15. Beads and Heart Valentine Necklace


Funky and vibrant — these necklaces are so much fun to make. Be creative and play around with other colors, too.

They will be perfect for your kids and nieces this Valentine's Day, indeed!

16. DIY Infinity Ring


Infinity. Forever. Everlasting. No end. This Valentine's Day, express your undying love with this easy DIY infinity ring that can be made in 10 minutes (or less!).

17. Deer Photo Holder


You can use any plastic animal toy for this cool DIY project you can give as a gift for Valentine's. For your loved one, a sentimental photo to go along with your gift will be perfect.

18. Valentine Heart Barrettes


These tiny little snap heart clip barrettes look so sweet! Your adorable little kids will love them, for sure.

What is a barrette? It is a small ornament for clipping the hair made from either plastic, metal, or other materials. It is also called a hair-slide, hair clip, or clasp.

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19. Yarn Love


Oh, for the love of yarn! Wire + Yarn = Love. Isn't it amazing what a simple yarn and wire can turn out to be, especially for Hearts Day!

20. Valentine Heart Snow Globe


Can't get enough of snow globes from Christmas? You can make one for Valentine's Day and this time, with heart-shaped crafts, of course!

21. Cupid's Arrow Tree Stump


This adorable do-it-yourself project will make a cute addition to your V-Day gifts and home decor! I'm sure, a friend or family member will do too, which makes it a perfect gift for Heart's Day.

22. DIY Cupid's Arrow Cupcake Topper [With Free Printable]

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (4)

Planning on giving edible treats as gifts for your Valentine? Why not make it sweeter with this cute addition of Cupid's arrows on top of the cupcakes?

23. Coffee Cup Wrap


These cute printable wraps make a great gift for coffee lovers. Make them feel extra special with every cup of joe in these adorable cups.

24. DIY Mini Notepads


There's an old-world charm to taking notes with a pen and paper instead of with gadget. That makes it a special gift for Valentine's Day, so upcycle your scrap paper and turn them into these mini notepads!

25. DIY Valentine Lamp

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (5)

What will the light of your life say when he or she sees this adorable lamp? Isn't it the sweetest gift you've seen on Valentine's Day?

Even little things can make a huge statement they make hearts melt on the occasion.

26. Love Logs


Don't freak out if you haven't planned out your Valentine's gift ahead of time. These Valentine's logs are customizable and inexpensive ,you'll only need a few materials to complete them.

It's just perfect for a romantic evening on Valentine's night!

27. Valentine Beer Bottles


This one is for beer fans on heart's day! Simply come up with some cute slogans and sweet messages along with his favorite drinks.

These homemade gifts are a thoughtful surprise for beer lovers out there.

28. Valentine Chapstick


Chapsticks lovers will be delighted to receive this on Valentine's Day. With some small paper bags, heart-shaped hangtags, and Burt's Bees chapsticks, those already smooth lips will even be more kissable come the special day.

29. DIY Candy Bottle for Valentine's Day


A nice candy-filled giveaway is enough to express to your loved ones how much they mean to you. Just add a thoughtful message and cupid's arrow to each bottle as a bonus charm for your Valentine's Day candy bottle.

30. Valentine's Day Message Puzzle

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (6)

Everyone loves unique and thoughtful presents on a special day. This DIY message puzzle is very easy to make and a great idea to add a little thrill as the pieces come together.

You'll love to see them put together and read what heartfelt note you had in mind!

31. Easy DIY Heart Necklace


If you think a necklace would make a great gift and you're running out of time, here's a quick DIY Valentine's project you can make.

No need to worry about how good you can bend the wire to become heart-shaped. The more DIY-ish it looks, the better!

32. Mason Jar Bouquets


This easy Valentine's Day present is another work of art with your favorite iconic jars. Surprise your special someone with jars that spell out the word “love” – a lovely piece with doily flowers on your table centerpiece!

33. Valentine's Day Dog Scarf


Wouldn't you want your pup to feel loved on Valentine's Day? If you're more of a dog person, just imagine how adorable this scarf would look on your four-legged bestie.

It's no-sew and will only take a few minutes to complete. Cute idea,isn't it?

34. Jar of Thumbprint Hearts


This is another brilliant idea from people with creative minds. At first look, the jar looks merely like another object painted with hearts.

But look closely and you'll notice the hearts are made of fingerprints! Another creative mason jar craft for Valentine's season!

35. Initial Candle


Talk about a last-minute gift for Valentine's Day — check this one out. It's easy to figure out how to complete this DIY just by looking at it.

A candle craft that frames your initials in a heart is an absolutely romantic idea!

For more DIY Valentine gifts, watch this video from Crafty Prapty on how to make an explosion box:

Some of the best presents out there are those with heart. So this Valentine's Day, spare a few minutes to an hour to make any of these DIY Valentine gifts your loved one will surely appreciate.

All it takes is just a little of your time to spread love on the day of hearts!

Which of these DIY Valentine gifts will you spare some time to make this weekend? Share your plans for it in the comments section below!


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Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

DIY Valentine Gifts

This article provides a list of DIY Valentine gifts that you can make for your loved ones. These gifts range from customized t-shirts and embellished shirts to Ferrero Rocher bouquets and candy-filled mason jars. There are also ideas for personalized mugs, push pin art, glitter candle votives, and more. The article includes step-by-step instructions and tutorials for each gift idea.


A barrette is a small ornament used for clipping the hair. It can be made from various materials such as plastic, metal, or other materials. Barrettes are also known as hair-slides, hair clips, or clasps [[18]].

Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jar crafts are a popular DIY trend. The article suggests using mason jars for various Valentine's Day gift ideas, such as creating a candy-filled jar, a love-themed jar bouquet, or a jar with thumbprint hearts. Mason jars can be decorated and customized in creative ways to make unique and thoughtful gifts.

DIY Infinity Ring

The article mentions an easy DIY project to make an infinity ring. An infinity ring symbolizes everlasting love and can be made in just 10 minutes or less. The project involves using wire to create the infinity symbol [[16]].

DIY Sharpie Mug

The article suggests transforming a plain mug into a permanent love letter using Sharpies. By writing a sweet love note or drawing a design on the mug with Sharpies, you can create a personalized and heartfelt gift [[10]].

DIY Chalkboard Mug

Another DIY mug idea mentioned in the article is the chalkboard mug. This project involves creating a chalkboard surface on a mug, allowing you to write and erase messages or designs on it. It's a creative way to surprise your loved one with a sweet love note during breakfast in bed [[6]].

DIY Etched Love Glass

The article suggests jazzing up regular glasses by etching a meaningful word, initials, or anything relevant to your loved one or both of you. This DIY project is perfect for creating personalized and thoughtful gifts for Valentine's Day [[12]].

DIY Fabric Button Earrings

The article mentions DIY fabric button earrings as a gift idea for fashionable girlfriends. These earrings can be made using fabric buttons and are a fun and creative way to show your love and appreciation [[13]].

DIY Lipstick Chic Wall Art

The article suggests using lipstick to create a super sweet and cute DIY Valentine's gift. By smooching a piece of paper or canvas with your favorite lipstick, you can create a unique and romantic piece of wall art [[11]].

DIY Love Logs

The article mentions customizable and inexpensive DIY Valentine's logs. These logs can be personalized and are a perfect gift for a romantic evening on Valentine's Day [[26]].

These are just a few of the DIY Valentine gift ideas mentioned in the article. I hope this information helps you in your creative endeavors for Valentine's Day!

DIY Valentine Gifts You Can Make In Under An Hour | DIY Projects (2024)
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