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climate internationalEl Niño goes, La Niña comesEl Niño conditions have prevailed in the equatorial Pacific in recent months, and sea surface temperatures here are still above average at present. However, the El Niño is in its final stages and the ENSO swing is tipping. Klaus Marquardt22.05.2024 11:15
weather SwitzerlandStabil instabilThere is no high in sight this week either, the weather is very changeable and occasionally wet, especially until Saturday, with temperatures that are roughly in line with the season. The plants are happy and thriving, but the farmers are eagerly awaiting more stable weather for silaging and haymaking. Patience is required... Below is a brief overview of the weather until the beginning of next week. Roger Perret21.05.2024 10:23
climate SwitzerlandInterim balance sheet MayAfter the first half of May, it was a little too mild across the whole country, but also too wet. However, there are considerable regional differences! Compared to an average May, the sun has struggled so far. Klaus Marquardt17.05.2024 10:43
weather SwitzerlandMixed week before WhitsunDuring the week before Pentecost, very changeable weather with occasional showers and local thunderstorms will develop on the eastern edge of a low pressure system in Switzerland, with temperatures that are quite seasonal or slightly above average. Only Tuesday will stand out in the east thanks to a foehn current with mostly sunny and warm weather. On the other hand, there will be a lot of precipitation in the south from Wednesday to Friday. Over Whitsun, initial trends show partly sunny and warm weather, but the tendency for showers and thunderstorms is likely to be somewhat higher in the afternoon, especially in the Jura, the Alps and the south. Roger Perret17.05.2024 08:11
weather SwitzerlandSlightly mixed but warm WhitsunThe weather over Whitsun from Whit Saturday to Whit Monday doesn't look too bad, with at least some sunshine and temperatures of 20 degrees and just over during the day. However, the days will not be completely dry, especially in the second half of the day with a focus on the Jura, with an increased tendency for showers and thunderstorms in the Alps and the south. This is also referred to as so-called daybreak weather. Despite the increased risk of showers and thunderstorms mentioned above, Whitsun offers quite good weather for all kinds of outdoor activities. Roger Perret16.05.2024 10:34
weather internationalPacific hurricane season 2024Hurricane season officially begins today, May 15, in the Eastern Pacific, and on June 1 in the Central Pacific east of the International Date Line. A few days ago, the Mexican Weather Service published an initial forecast.Klaus Marquardt15.05.2024 10:49
weather lexiconSuperboltsLightning is one of the most spectacular and dangerous phenomena in the atmosphere. But not all lightning is the same! Some discharges are significantly stronger than normal, known as super bolts or super lightning.Klaus Marquardt14.05.2024 12:22
weather internationalNorthern Lights over the Alps againNorthern lights are rare in the Alpine region, they are mainly seen in polar regions. Tonight and on Monday night, however, you also have the chance to see them here - for the second time this fall.Reto Vögeli11.05.2024 09:02
weather lexiconIce Saints – Quintet with a bad reputationEvery year in May, the ice saints are as sure as the Amen in prayer. What are their origins? Do they really live up to their dubious reputation? And what about this year?Klaus Marquardt10.05.2024 11:07
climate internationalStill on course for a record in 20242023 was the warmest year in recorded history, but so far it has been clearly surpassed by 2024. The first four months seamlessly join a series of now eleven consecutive months with record temperatures. The oceans have also never been as warm as they are now since satellite-based observations began.Michael Eichmann08.05.2024 10:13

MeteoNews: Weather Monaco (2024)
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