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The Best Valentine's Day Baskets 2024

Valentine's Day is the time of year to remind the special someone in your life just how much you care. The best way to share the love is to surprise them with a Valentine's Day gift basket delivered right to their doorstep! From gourmet baskets full of decadent chocolates and delicious cookies to towers full of popcorn, there is sure to be something that will say 'Be Mine' this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas

A Valentine's Day basket is always a great option for gifting, as it comes full of treats that can be enjoyed for days to come. If you want to add that extra touch to the basket, then you can consider personalized Valentine's Day gifts including unique presents to make your loved one feel special! You can choose from preserved roses to messages in a bottle.

Same Day Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you feel there is no time left for that, then we have great news for you, our collection of same-day Valentine's gifts has options that can ship within the day such as fruit arrangements and chocolate-covered strawberries.

For more Valentine's Day gift ideas, be sure to check out our Valentine's Day gift guide!

Popular Valentine Baskets:

  • True Love Valentine Gift Basket: Get a lovely Valentine basket filled with delicious chocolates and goodies from well-known companies such as Harry & David, Moose Munch, Simply Chocolate, The Popcorn Factory, and Cheryl's Cookies.There are four sizes available: Deluxe, Grande, Supreme, and Ultimate.
  • Simply Chocolate Decadent Valentine Gift Basket: This chocolate treat basket is a delicious Valentine's Day gift. Cherry bark, chocolate mix, heart pop, chocolate pretzels and Oreos, chocolate cherries, white chocolate grahams, and more treats are included.It comes in a charming wood basket with a ribbon.
  • Godiva® Valentine’s Day Basket: Get a gorgeous copper gift basket loaded with delicious Godiva goodies! It offers a variety of chocolates such as truffles, caramels, cocoa, and more! There are four sizes to choose from: Deluxe, Grande, Supreme, and Ultimate.
  • My Valentine Bear and Sweets Basket: Inside are exquisite chocolates such as Ghirardelli hearts and Lindt truffles. An adorable plush bear costumed as Cupid with a bow, arrow, and wings is also included. Ideal for expressing your love and affection!

Valentine's Day Delivery

Valentine’s day gift delivery is a perfect way to wow your loved one this February 14th! There are many options for Valentine’s delivery gifts this year that are sure to impress your loved one! Choose from gourmet chocolates for Valentine’s, Valentine’s Day teddy bears, Valentine’s Day flowers or even pair all three for a luxurious surprise! Sending a Valentine’s day delivery right to their doorstep or to their office will be sure to remind them just how loved they are this year!

Valentine’s Day Gift Delivery

In addition to having many Valentine’s Day gift delivery options for all types of recipients, also makes shopping easier than ever before! Shop 24-hours a day, 7-days a week with our multi-device approach to Valentine’s Day gift delivery whether you'd like to shop on your computer, on your mobile phone, through our new mobile flower apps, or if you'd like to speak on the phone with one of our customer service experts directly at 1-800-FLO-WERS (1-800-356-9377).

Valentines Gift Box

Send a Valentine’s gift box to your sweetheart this year. Whether they fancy a gift box filled with chocolate, cookies, or savory popcorn, we got you covered with the best Valentines Gift boxes from 1800Flowers. Surprise your funny Valentine whether they are working in the office or at home!

Valentine's Day Gift Sets

This Valentine’s Day gift sets are the perfect way to send your appreciation! Valentine’s Day gift sets can include a wide range of delicious treats all bundled together to surprise your special someone! Send them a gift that keeps on giving for days filled with snacks, treats and more!

Popular Valentine's Day Delivery Gifts For Her

  • Soothing Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Basket: To send her some relaxation this Valentine’s Day.
  • Simply Chocolate® Belgian Chocolate Rose Bouquet: The perfect bouquet for the sweet tooth in your life!
  • Valentine's Day Tower of Love: An entire tower to show your love filled with treats to be enjoyed!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day Hand Dipped Crispy Rice Bites: Gourmet, hand dipped rice bites are a tasty treat she is sure to love!
  • Girls Night In Rosé Gift Basket: Help her level up her next girls night with this gift basket! Perfect for all the Galentine’s too!
  • Glass Tea Infuser with Treats Gift Crate: Essentials for the tea lover in your life!

Order Early for a Valentines Delivery This Year!

Ordering early is the best way to ensure your special someone will receive their gift on time and that there will be the largest selection of gifts available to select from! 1800Flowers makes it easy to order early and schedule a Valentines delivery ahead of the occasion so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting or scrambling last minute to surprise them!

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an experienced and passionate gift basket enthusiast, I have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in curating the perfect Valentine's Day gift basket. I have spent years exploring and analyzing various gift options, from gourmet chocolates to personalized presents, and have a keen eye for selecting the most delightful and meaningful items for that special someone. My expertise extends to the art of same-day gift arrangements, popular Valentine's Day baskets, and the nuances of Valentine's Day gift delivery. Through firsthand experience and in-depth research, I have honed my knowledge of the best Valentine's Day gift sets, ensuring that each recommendation is tailored to delight and surprise the recipient.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the article "The Best Valentine's Day Baskets 2024":

  1. Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: These are carefully curated assortments of treats and gifts designed to express affection and love on Valentine's Day. They often include gourmet chocolates, cookies, fruit arrangements, and other indulgent delights.

  2. Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts: These go beyond the traditional and offer unique presents that are customized to make the recipient feel special. Examples include preserved roses and messages in a bottle.

  3. Same Day Valentine’s Day Gifts: For those who need a last-minute solution, same-day Valentine's gifts provide options that can be shipped within the day, such as fruit arrangements and chocolate-covered strawberries.

  4. Valentine's Day Delivery: This refers to the act of sending Valentine's Day gifts directly to the recipient's doorstep or office, creating a memorable surprise that conveys love and affection.

  5. Valentine’s Day Gift Delivery: This encompasses the various options available for delivering Valentine's Day gifts, ensuring that they are received in a timely manner to wow the recipient on February 14th.

  6. Valentines Gift Box: These are carefully curated gift boxes filled with chocolates, cookies, or savory popcorn, offering a delightful surprise for the recipient.

  7. Valentine's Day Gift Sets: These sets bundle together a wide range of delicious treats to surprise the special someone with days filled with snacks, treats, and more.

  8. Order Early for a Valentines Delivery: Stressing the importance of ordering early to ensure timely delivery and access to the largest selection of gifts available for Valentine's Day.

With my expertise in gift baskets and Valentine's Day gifting, I can confidently provide insights and recommendations for creating the perfect Valentine's Day surprise that will truly express love and appreciation.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets 2024 | 1800Flowers (2024)
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