100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (2024)

Cricut Projects for Beginners with ideas and tutorials for Cricut - Free Files&Craft Projects!


1. What are Cricut Projects
2. Recent Cricut Projects Event
3. 100+ Amazing Cricut Projects
4. Materials for Cricut Projects
5. Best Machine for Cricut Projects

7. Cricut Projects for Beginners
8. Frequently Asked Questions about Cricut Projects

#1 - What are Cricut Projects

Making Cricut Projects is very funny. Some people start to try it because they need somthing to spend their leisure time, and there also some people make Cricut projects to start their own small businesses, especially in this tough time. You can use Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker cutting machine to make various crafts. There are many great Cricut ideas to try. Here you will find 100+ Cricut project tutorials, Cricut machine information, tips, free svg files and unbelievable prize. Whether you are using Cricut for the first time or a long-term user of Cricut, I hope you can find something you like. Hope you can create excellent DIY Cricut projects for any occasion.View hottest facebook/instagram Cricut projects here.

#2 - Recent Cricut Projects Event

Before introducing amazing Cricut projects, we have a good news to tell you that HTVRONT are now launching a#cricutprojectstopic challenge. If you can win, then you will get a$200 gift cardand $30 coupons and free vinyl products!

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (1)

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From today to 31st March:
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What are you waiting for? Let’s do circuit projects!

Create Cricut Projects to Win Free Vinyl
If you have your own Cricut project or Cricut ideas, you can also join us. If you can write a post about your Cricut vinyl project, and link to us in the post, you are able to get thefree vinylwhat you need in this Cricut project, and we will also display your project on this page.

#3 -100+ Amazing Cricut Projects

1.DIY Tote Bag

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (2)

What can i make with a cricut machine?The tote bag is a good choice.The tote bag is very suitable for shopping, and you can use it when you go to the library to store all the rented books. It can help you take that extra pair of shoes to the playground. Lunch bag or school bag, you can use it for almost anything every day. Imagine you are holding a beautiful handbag, posing and taking beautiful photos. It‘s very easy to make this Cricut tote bag projects. Isn't it a good Cricut ideas?Click here to learn how to make Cricut project - DIY Tote Bag

2.DIY Mermaid Shirt

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (3)

Every holiday or school event that comes around, it's time to make a shirt for the girl! What a good Cricut project ideas! Let's be addicted to heat transfer vinyl…particularly the glitter variety. Mermaid is a good choice. It was super sweet that every girl will not dislike it!Click here to learn how to make Cricut project - DIY Mermaid Shirt

3. Photo Frame

Adhesive vinylapplies to a smooth surface instead of a rough surface like cloth. Adhesive vinyl products don’t need iron-on cause they have an adhesive backing. So where can you apply adhesive vinyl to create Cricut vinyl projects?What can i make with a cricut machine?Another interesting cricut project idea! Photo Frame!!!!! It can be a living room decoration.Click here to learn how to make Cricut project - Phote Frame

4. Sagittarius Decoration Art

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (5)

We bring you a free inspiring constellation SVG cutting file - SAGITTARIUS. I spent a while trying to make creative holographic adhesive vinyl crafts, and finally completed it. You can create this beautiful constellation art using HTVRont holographic adhesive vinyl. This is a quick and easy way to make beautiful home decoration art! This cricut project idea actually is very simple.Click here to learn how to make Cricut project - Sagittarius Decoration Art

5. DIY Plates

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (6)

When it comes to my kitchen, I like to think of it as my battlefield, my world. Like any other room in my house, it is very interesting to decorate. I also make many other kinds of decoration to my kitchen table.What can i make with a cricut machine?This time I am gonna introduce a plate design to be put on the table to be a decoration. They are so adorable that all of my friends who come to my kitchen want to bring one home. LOL.

6. Cricut Wood Projects

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (7)

Have you tried to realize Cricut project ideas on wood? Did you know that you can apply HTVRONT heat transfer vinyl to wood with Cricut?what can you make with aCricut?Learn how to apply heat transfer vinyl to wood with this tutorial! This can open new doors of possibilities, colors and textures! Use HTV to make beautiful DIY wooden signs, you can enjoy the beautiful vinyl and your wood projects!Click here to learn how to make Cricut wood project - DIY Wooden Signs

7. DIY Planters

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (8)

Getting close to nature is a joyful thing. Breathe fresh air and have a view of the natural scenery. I will also add a bit of vitality to myself in my busy life. Potted green plants are a good choice to accomplish Cricut project ideas! I will DIY each pot of plants into my favorite look. The flower pots in the living room are simple and real, and the flower pots in the bedroom are cute and funny. This has also become an optimistic attitude towards life!

8. Home Wood Round Sign

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (9)

What can you make with aCricut?Home Wood Round Sign is great!Round wooden signs are one of the hottest trends in DIY projects for Cricut, Silhouette and ScanNCut machines. And for good reason! They look amazing inside and outside your home.Round wooden signboards can be made using a variety of techniques, includingadhesivevinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and paint. This beautiful wood sign is perfect for welcoming guests or just displaying in your family room.

9.DIY A Super Cute Kid Cartoon T-shirts

Do you want to give a surprise to your children on their birthdays, or Christmas, etc.?What can you make with aCricut?Believe me, there is nothing more suitable as a gift than making a super cute cartoon T-shirt by yourself! The child will deep love it. Whether in school or on an outing, she must be the cutest one!Click here to learn how to make Cricut fabric project - a cute ked cartoon t-shirts

10. Mother's Day Crafts with Cricut

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (11)

Are you looking for creative and unique gifts for your mom? There are so many craft ideas for Mother's Day gift, have you tried make a shirt for your mom by yourself? That's absolutely a good Cricut project idea and there is no other gift that can make your mother more moved. Everyone can use another T-shirt. I don't know anyone who doesn't like T-shirts. They are so comfortable and cozy. And your Cricut machine makes it very easy! Let's try to make Mother's Day craft project - a DIY T-shirt for mom!Click here to learn how to makeMother's Day Crafts with Cricut

11. Halloween Vinyl Craft Ideas

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (12)

Do you like decorating, making party supplies, and preparing for the scariest day of the year? Halloween is a wonderful time to use up your vinyl cutter and create incredible things for Cricut projects for beginners-whether it's cards, costumes, spooky decorations or outright mysteries. We are happy to help you be inspired every season and create interesting new crafts and the latest designs for sale with vinyl.Click here to learn how to makeHalloween Vinyl Craft

12. Galaxy T-shirt

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (13)

What can you make with aCricut?Personalize your T-shirts with vinyl is very interesting! And Cricut is very suitable for making T-shirts because it cuts through the soldering iron vinyl design. In this project, we will usegalaxy HTV vinyl. Galaxy Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl can decorate clothing, canvas bags, pillowcases and other fabrics, which is perfect for making Cricut projects for beginners.Click here to learn how to makeGalaxy T-shirt

13. A Cute Mermaid T-shirt

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (14)

Mermaid is all the rage, this is an interesting Cricut machine project. The mermaid is the epitome of summer and sunshine... Htvront Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl and metallic htv are new ways to express it. Use htvront vinyl to make a particularly perfect shirt.Click here to learn how to make this Mermaid T-shirt

14. A Lion T-shirt for Boys

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (15)

Put your hands down and one of the most interesting things to do with your Cricut is the T-shirt. So today I will show you how to use Cricut to make a lion shirt for boys. In fact, we are not "making shirts" ourselves. It's like we don't collect fabrics and sew shirts. But you can create your own custom design or use a ready-made design called an SVG file to make a custom graphic T-shirt with your Cricut. Let's get started.Click here to learn how to make this Lion T-shirt

15. Valentine's Day Home Decor

If you are looking to make Valentine's Day Home Decor items with your Cricut then this project is perfect for you! This craft project was made by our friend Shawn.You can click here to learn how to make this Heart Wooden project.

16. Cute Mom & Daughter Handbag

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (17)

The most popular gifts have always been those homemade and unique. Is this mother-daughter handbag a great cricut craft idea? So cute, and it is very simple to make, just use htv vinyl. This is one of my cricut explore air 2 projects.

17. Christmas T-shirt

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (18)

People can easily buy T-shirts from stores, but DIY a unique Christmas T-shirt with your favorite htv vinyl can add a lot of fun. Custom tops for all nieces and nephews this Christmas Use heat transfer vinyl to make Christmas T-shirts! There are many cute designs to choose from, with beautiful snowflakes, Santa Claus or monograms. All you need to do is to print the design decals that have been cut and weeded onto the T-shirt with a mini heat press! There are many vinyl b rands on the market. Like SISER, Cricut, ORACAL. Recently, I found a shop called HTVRONT which provide cheaper and good quality than these shops. HTVRONT sells many different types of vinyl and some hand tools. Focus on customer service experience. From time to time, the website blog of HTVRONT will share some handmade ideas, some manual guides and tips. It is worth your attention!

18. DIY phone case

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (19)

It is very interesting to use our vinyl to DIY a mobile phone case you like. This mobile phone case uses elements from the recently popular movie "The Harder They Fall" and is made of our black adhesive vinyl. "The Harder They Fall" DIY phone case is a great diy phone case ideas. At the same time, using printable vinyl sticker paper to make custom phone cases is easy and affordable! There are many elements you can consider: galaxy, glitter,tribal print, pressed flowers, leopard and so on.

19. Galaxy Wood Project

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (20)

Using galaxy iron on vinyl to complete a Cricut project is very simple and meaningful. Galaxy wood project is a eye-catching and beautiful decoration. The Galaxy wood decoration Can make your home differently.

20. DIY Keychain

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (21)

The keychain will never go out of style. DIY Keychain has long gone beyond its practical use. DIY Keychain is a easy Cricut project.DIY Keychain is a good gift to your friends,families,etc. You can also find much fun in the process of making the keychain. Start right now!

21. Valentine Kiss Mug

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (22)

“I want to give you a thousand kisses to express my love for you”. This Beginner-Friendly Craft Project uses Iron on Vinyl to make this adorable Valentine's Gift for Couples. Valentine Kiss Mug is one of the Easy Valentine crafts to make and sell.

22. Acrylic Sheet

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (23)

A great idea for the decorative acrylic sheet. Let's record the most memorable moments. You can change to your favorite songs and pictures.
Used material: HTVRONT Clear Printable Vinyl Bundle(Clear Sticker Paper+Laminated Paper)

23. Butterfly Boxes

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (24)

Are you looking for something to gift-wrap your handmade keychains? Try Butterfly Boxes! I like to use holographic adhesive vinyl for butterflies. It's beautiful.

24. Birthday Mermaid T-shirt

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (25)

Birthday Mermaid Tshirt! Who doesn't love the Crystal Rainbow tail? Thanks for your comments that let me know you LOVE mermaid svg! Mermaid svgs will be available to download in our site.

25. Pixel Art Square

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (26)

How To Show HTVRONT Adhesive Vinyl Easy Weeding? As you can see I made Pixel Art Square.

26. Best Friend Tshirts DIY

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (27)

Best Friend Tshirts DIY with HTVRONT Sublimation Paper.
Let's make the Gift for friends! Whatever life throws at us they are always there to help make things better.

27. Color-changing Glass

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (28)

Summer is here! And it's time to make glass decorations with cold color-changing vinyl!
It's amazing to watch the vinyl change color after adding ice water.

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You can share your cricut craft ideas, cricut ideas to sell, cricut vinyl ideas or any Cricut project ideas.
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#4 - Materials for Cricut Projects

Heat transfer vinyland adhesive vinyl are the most commonly used materials in Cricut machine projects, and Cricut and vinyl go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly! Custom t-shirts, colorful water bottles and cute socks can all be made with Cricut and vinyl, and can get a long-lasting and washable effect! Check these Cricut vinyl projects and our hot vinyl products!

1. Glitter Vinyl

We have a wide variety of options for affordable glitter vinyl. When compared with Siser Glitter Vinyl or Glitter 651 Vinyl in the same quality, HTVRONT glitter vinyl fabric is a more affordable choice for Cricut machine projects. Glitter iron on vinyl is perfect for crafters as our materials can be cut with craft cutters and applied with a household iron. Pair with our vinyl crafting accessories to decorate anything like a pro!

2. Holographic Adhesive Vinyl

#5 - Best Machine for Cricut Projects

1. CricutMaker

Is there a Cricut Maker in your craft room? Do you know how to use Cricut Maker? Cricut Maker can cut hundreds of different materials, and with its ever-expanding tool system, it can now engrave, dent, etc.! Here you can read useful knowledge about Cricut Maker.

Almost every DIYer and crafter have a Cricut Maker. The most important thing to become a manufacturer is to have the right tools to help you get the job done. Cricut Maker can do everything Explore Air 2 can do, and more! This is the ultimate smart cutting machine. What sets Cricut Maker apart from any other machine on the market is the adaptive tool system. The gears on the adaptive tool system allow interchangeable tools to move in any direction, resulting in more precise cutting capabilities and a tenfold increase in cutting force. Yes, 10 times the power! ! This means you can carry out more difficult Cricut machine projects with higher accuracy than before.

The rotating blade of the Cricut Maker is similar to the hand-held rotating blade traditionally used by tailors, but smaller, with tiny wheels that can slide on the fabric, allowing it to cut almost all types of fabric quickly and accurately. The rotating blade is used in conjunction with the fabric pad, eliminating the need for paper patterns, tracing paper and markers. The rotating blade can cut through almost any type of fabric. Most importantly, you don't need any backing material to stabilize the fabric on the mat. This blade makes Cricut Maker an overall manufacturing machine. The blade is the strongest. With it, you can cut very strong materials such as thick leather, balsa wood and bass wood. Cricut Maker also allows you to use all the available tools and functions of the browser.Clike here to learn The Ultimate Guide for Cricut Maker

2. Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 is a great DIY cutting machine. It will perfectly cut more than 100+ different types of materials, including iron-on and HTV vinyl, cardstock, faux leather, adhesive foils, specialty paper, poster board and more. It's very easy to create various DIY Cricut Explore Air 2 projects. You can make custom stickers, personalized home decorations, homemade gifts and party gifts, unique greeting cards, custom-designed clothing and more.Click here to learn more knowledge about Cricut Explore Air 2
Cricut vinyl sheets are a good partner for cricut machines projects, and We can provide you with a better choice---cheap and high-qualityHTV vinyl sheets

#6 - Free SVG Files for Cricut & Silhouette

View our collection of free svg files for vinyl, if you need SVG format, please contact us, we will send you. The format are compatible with the Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and other craft cutters. Included in the download is a .SVG, .AI, .JPG, and Silhouette file.View all HTVRONT free SVG files

#7 - Cricut Projects for Beginners

If you are new to Cricut and a little overwhelmed, then these 8 Cricut projects for beginners will be totally helpful! Once you master the trick, learning how to use Cricut is really easy and fun. But beginners need to determine the best rough project so that you can choose cricut ideas and coaching that can be successful. Therefore, we have compiled a list of eight simple starter ideas and tutorials, which are perfect Cricut projects for beginners and ideal for new cutter owners!Let's start here:https://www.htvront.com/blogs/blog/cricut-project-ideas-for-beginners

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (29)

#8 - Frequently Asked Questions about Cricut Projects

What can I make with Cricut to sell?

When it comes to your Cricut machine, there are many things you can do. If you have ever thought about making money from handicrafts, here are some Cricut ideas for you to make money and sell. Check out these tips, which will help you make money with Cricut. Whether you just want to foster your own crafting habits or want to support your family, you can try it and provide some important inspiration for your next Cricut project!

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts


As an expert in Cricut projects, I can provide you with valuable information and insights on various concepts related to Cricut. I have extensive knowledge and experience in using Cricut machines, materials, and techniques. Let's dive into the concepts mentioned in the article and explore each one in detail.

1. What are Cricut Projects?

Cricut projects refer to the creative crafts and designs that can be made using Cricut cutting machines. These machines, such as the Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker, are capable of cutting various materials with precision, allowing users to create a wide range of crafts, decorations, and personalized items. Cricut projects can be a fun hobby or even a way to start a small business.


2. Recent Cricut Projects Event

The article mentions a recent Cricut Projects Event organized by HTVRONT. During this event, participants had the opportunity to win prizes such as a $200 gift card, $30 coupons, and free vinyl products. To participate, individuals were required to post their Cricut projects on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #cricutprojects and tagging HTVRONT. The winner was determined based on the top post under #cricutprojects on March 31st.


3. 100+ Amazing Cricut Projects

The article highlights the availability of over 100 amazing Cricut project tutorials. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and inspiration for a wide variety of projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, these tutorials offer a wealth of ideas and guidance to help you create excellent DIY Cricut projects for any occasion.


4. Materials for Cricut Projects

When it comes to materials for Cricut projects, two commonly used options are heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and adhesive vinyl. Heat transfer vinyl is ideal for creating designs on fabric, such as custom t-shirts, colorful water bottles, and socks. Adhesive vinyl, on the other hand, can be applied to various surfaces and is great for making custom stickers, home decorations, and more.


5. Best Machine for Cricut Projects

There are two popular machines for Cricut projects: the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air 2.

  • Cricut Maker: The Cricut Maker is a versatile cutting machine that can cut a wide range of materials, including fabric, wood, and more. It offers an adaptive tool system, allowing for precise cutting and increased cutting force. The Maker is perfect for those looking to take their Cricut projects to the next level.


  • Cricut Explore Air 2: The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a great machine for beginners and crafters who primarily work with paper, cardstock, and vinyl. It offers fast cutting speeds and is capable of cutting over 100 different materials. The Explore Air 2 is a user-friendly option for those starting their Cricut journey.


6. Free SVG Files for Cricut & Silhouette

SVG files are digital files that can be used with Cricut and Silhouette cutting machines. The article mentions that HTVRONT offers a collection of free SVG files for vinyl. These files are compatible with Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and other craft cutters. They provide a variety of designs and inspiration for your Cricut projects.


7. Cricut Projects for Beginners

If you're new to Cricut, the article suggests starting with beginner-friendly projects. It provides a list of eight simple starter ideas and tutorials that are perfect for beginners and new Cricut machine owners. These projects cover a range of crafts and decorations, allowing you to learn and practice different techniques while creating beautiful items.


8. Frequently Asked Questions about Cricut Projects

The article addresses some frequently asked questions about Cricut projects. One of the questions is about making money with Cricut by selling crafts. The article suggests that there are many things you can create with your Cricut machine to sell, such as custom t-shirts, personalized home decorations, and unique gifts. It encourages individuals to explore their creativity and consider turning their Cricut projects into a source of income.


I hope this information provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts mentioned in the article. If you have any further questions or need more specific information, feel free to ask!

100+ Cricut Projects with Ideas and Tutorials in 2021 (2024)
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